Commercial Food Processor Peeler & Cutter -  Robot Coupe Table Top Cutter - R8

Robot Coupe Table Top Cutter - R8

Commercial Food Processor Peeler & Cutter -  Hallde VCB-61 Vertical Cutter Blender -  6 Litre

Hallde VCB-61 Vertical Cutter Blender - 6 Litre

Hallde VCB-32 Vertical Cutter Blender - 3 Litre

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Brand Hallde
Model VCB-32
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For more details on the Hallde VCB-32 Vertical Cutter Blender - 3 Litre, please see below or refer to the downloadable manufacturer specification sheet.

The VCB-32 is a versatile vertical cutter/blender, ideal for smaller kitchens. Whilst it’s small in size, it has smart functions that always ensure perfect even results time after time.

The VCB-32 is a versatile vertical cutter/blender, ideal for smaller kitchens. Whilst it’s small in size, it has smart functions that always ensure perfect even results time after time.

Type of preparation

  • Chops, grinds, mixes and blends. Processes a variety of food such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, almonds, parmesan and chocolate. It’s also ideal for preparing dressings, herb oils, aromatic butters, thickenings, mayonnaise, sauces, soups, minced meats, purees and pâtés.


  • Restaurants, shop kitchens, cafés, bakeries, diet kitchens, retirement homes, schools, fast food outlets, day care centres, salad bars, and much more.

Larger volumes

  • The three litre bowl has a tightly sealing lid providing a net volume for liquid ingredients of 1.4 litres. The lid has a 3 cm wide feed tube for filling while the machine is running. Whilst the transparent lid makes it easy to monitor your cutting when using the machine.

Patented scraper

  • The VCB-32 has a scraper system designed to prevent food getting stuck on the inside and the lid of the bowl. The three scraper arms keep the lid and the inside of the bowl clean as well as moving the ingredients back towards the knives making the blend more efficient. This patented function enables the knives to cut the contents more effectively, shortening preparation time considerably.

Exemplary safety features

  • The VCB-32 has two individual safety switches ensuring that you can only start the machine if the bowl and lid have been correctly fitted.

Effective preparation

  • The knife unit in combination with the scraper system means very short preparation times and reduces temperature rises in the ingredients.

User friendly ergonomics

  • You control the machine using one knob instead of several buttons. The knob is located on the left hand side allowing your right hand to remain free for the scraper or for filling. The knob is at a convenient height to ensure an ergonomic working posture.

Lightweight and easy to move

  • The machine is small in size which means it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen and it is easy to move. Furthermore, generously sized handles on the side help make movement easier.

Even results with minimal temperature rise

  • The design and angle of the knives in combination with the scrapers means that the ingredients are turned in the bowl giving the whole content a uniform texture. Furthermore, the knives are serrated which makes them wear resistant.

Developed for best hygiene

  • The VCB-32 is manufactured solely from hygiene certified material. The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and has no unnecessary recesses where food might penetrate and get stuck. For quick cleaning, all loose parts are simple to remove for easy rinsing of the machine. All loose parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Only the best material

  • The machine base is manufactured of robust ABS-plastic. The bowl is stainless steel, the lid and the scrapers are strong Xylex. The knife attachment is acetal and the knives are stainless steel.

Highest possible reliability

  • The powerful motor has a high torque and is geared down, which makes the VCB-32 an exceptionally reliable machine – irrespective of the foods you are working with. If the motor is called on to work harder, more power is supplied to ensure even running.

Your easy way to get 3 years warranty

  • Complete the warranty registration form for all purchases of Hallde Food Preparation Machines in Australia and you are entitled to a 24 month warranty extension. This extension increases the warranty of your machine to three (3) years parts & labour. (Standard warranty is one (1) year parts & labour). Terms and conditions of the warranty applicable at the time of purchase apply to this Warranty Extension. Please refer to these original warranty conditions set out in the Owners Manual supplied with your machine.

Warranty Application Process

  • The extension application form must be completed and returned to Hallde within 30 days of purchase. Send the form, including a copy of your purchase invoice direct to Hallde in Sweden.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Vertical Cutter Blender that chops, grinds, mixes, purees, blends and minces.
  • Stainless steel bowl gross volume 3 litres, net liquid volume 1.4 litres.
  • ABS machine housing.
  • 2 Speed 1,450 RPM & 2,650 RPM.
  • Pulse function.
  • Powerful high torque motor.
  • HÄLLDE patented scraper system.
  • Impact & heat resistant Xylex lid.
  • Carry handles for easy moving.
  • Ideal for wet, dry & liquid foods.
  • 240V, 1,000W, supplied with cord and 10 Amp plug.

If you have any further questions about the Robot Coupe Blixer 30, please call our friendly and expert team on 1300 131 700 for helpful advice.

Brochure & Specifications: